Saturday, May 17, 2008

Green Day

A couple of weeks ago, the strawberries made great jam but not such great snacks. By this Saturday morning, after a good dose of sun, the berries at the Farmers' Market had ripened red and sweet to the core and were perfuming the entire south end of the arcade. I staggered home with a bag full of loot: fresh goat cheese from Bonnie Blue, chicken and Berkshire pork butt from West Wind Farms, broccoli rabe from Whitton Farms, and strawberries from Jones. I already had some arugula from Wednesday's market at the Botanic Garden, so when I got home I made myself a Southern lady lunch. First, a tasty fresh-from-the market salad. Arugula tossed with olive oil and salt, then finished with a recent find, Steen's cane vinegar. Its fruity smell reminds me of sherry vinegar, but it's got amazing caramel notes, too. Perfect for a salad like this one, topped with goat cheese and strawberries. A radish sandwich on some soft white bread rounded out my plate. Mmm.


  1. You are so precious! A white bread and radish sandwich. This would be fun to spring on the kids since they'd dive into the white bread before they knew what hit them. What else do you put on the sandwich?

  2. Buttah.

    Salt, too of course. You know me--I'm a wholegrain bread girl. But I'd bought some Pepperidge Farm white to make breadcrumbs for a country ham casserole I was inventing the other day. I just couldn't justify anything but white breadcrumbs on top of ham in white sauce with hardboiled eggs, bread & butter pickles and green onions. And then I got to make myself I nice lady sandwich. Forgot to cut off the crusts, though.

  3. I'm intrigued by the sandwich, too. Very feminine! Did you serve it on a lace doily while wearing a corset and drinking tea, pinky out?

    (Nah, I know you wolfed it down all caveman-like while no one was looking. Good for you!)